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One works better than the other. Which one? Well, that depends...
Illustration - machine hand picking up person for examination

A guide created for reporters offers insights for the discerning news consumer as well.
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Researchers know authoritarians backed President Trump in the election. And they know consuming a lot of TV breeds authoritarian tendencies. At the intersection of those two points, things get interesting.
Political heroes

Hero talk by politicians goes back more than a century, and has ramped up in recent decades. But research shows the public isn't moved by the lofty rhetoric.
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Partisans and pundits have taken the research's numbers out of context. The real story, say researchers, is that the press has unilaterally changed its role while covering the 45th president.
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Some call for new regulation, but research reveals us to largely be a skeptical, fact-checking bunch.
Syrian tanks amid rubble

Researchers say audiences need an emotional connection – not merely “just-the-facts” reporting – as prerequisite for political action. Images can trigger this emotional connection.