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Professor Krystine I. Batcho received her Ph.D. in Psychology from The Ohio State University and is a licensed psychologist. She makes regular contributions as an expert on the Psychology Today website. Her research has ranged from early work in human-computer interaction to the impact of higher education on the development of moral and social responsibility. Her current research on the psychology of nostalgia began with her introduction of the Nostalgia Inventory, a survey that assesses proneness to personal nostalgia. The Nostalgia Inventory has been translated into multiple languages, made available as an app, and has been used in numerous research studies. Her scholarly publications have been widely cited, and she is frequently interviewed by the media on topics of current interest, including the impact of social media. She teaches courses in cognitive psychology, learning, and decision making, and mentors student research.
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Reflecting on who we were and where we've been is more than just woolgathering -- it turns out to be an indicator of personal resilience.