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For more than two decades, Greg Brooks has focused on advancing complex ideas, policies and technical issues to the press, the public, elected officials and stakeholder groups. He has led public relations, marketing, public affairs and journalism initiatives on high-visibility projects across the U.S. His practice, West Third Group, counsels business, nonprofit and government clients across the U.S. in crisis, public affairs and public relations.
Corporate crisis

From weaponized tweets to political controversies, more organizations are stepping in it.
Media microphones crowded in front of a spokesperson

Most interviews go smoothly; some don't. Having a few rhetorical and stagecraft tricks up your sleeve can mean the difference between staying in control and going off the rails.

A little divide and conquer never hurt anyone. Well, not anyone committed to winning.

A simple framework identifies how you can control the debate in most communications situations. And if you control the debate, you’ll win more often than not.

You're in a fight. You've been bloodied. Here's what happens next...

Half of us are making bad bets on the future of the economy. But which half?

Get smarter about how you use one of the most maligned communication research tools.

Journalism takes another hit as a new survey shows plenty of media consumers think anonymous sources are a bad idea.