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The New Influencer is an online journal of risk, strategy, communication, trust and — right there in the title — influence.

We’re a little hard to pin down by design, but you can get a sense of our focus right in the top menu: business and the economy; politics; culture; and, overlaying them all, communication, strategy and trust.

Where we get our stories

Our content blends independent reporting and analysis from West Third Group with a variety of media partners and experts pre-eminent in their respective fields.

Want to contribute?

Many voices make wisdom, and so we’re always eager to talk about potential submissions.

We’re looking for well-sourced articles and analyses that view business, the economy, public policy and culture through the lenses of communication, strategy and trust. That means fewer daily-horse-race stories and more big-picture trends, particularly those that impact several disciplines.

And, although we’re communicators by trade, spare us the “10 Ways To Boost Your Social Media Profile Today!” tactical-PR pap. We’re not those guys.

Community guidelines

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We are interested in articulate, well-informed remarks that are relevant to content that you read here. We welcome your advice, your constructive criticism and your unique insights.

A few things we will not tolerate: personal attacks, obscenity, commercial promotion, vulgarity, profanity, incoherence, impersonations, and SHOUTING.

We welcome strong opinions and criticism of our work, and do not hesitate to approve critical comments. However, personal attacks against our staff or contributors will not be permitted.

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