Month: June 2017

Illustration - machine hand picking up person for examination

A guide created for reporters offers insights for the discerning news consumer as well.
man watching white TV screen

Researchers know authoritarians backed President Trump in the election. And they know consuming a lot of TV breeds authoritarian tendencies. At the intersection of those two points, things get interesting.
Terrorism and the media

Terrorism-related journalism remains episodic and simplistic. But is anything else possible in an age of shrinking news budgets?
John F. Kennedy, sailing

Long before Trump or even Reagan, America's 35th president showed us how to leverage the power of celebrity in politics.
Traffic illustration

Driven by housing and demographics, the 90-minute commute isn't as rare as it once was. Buckle up!
painting by Winslow Homer

Reflecting on who we were and where we've been is more than just woolgathering -- it turns out to be an indicator of personal resilience.
Resistance demonstration

Analyzing Resist activists reveals a few surprises. What's not yet knowable: Is their movement the spark of a new flame or a fizzle?