Month: May 2017

Terrorism and social media

Hardening our society is one way to make us more resilient to hazards. But so, too, is growing our social infrastructure.
Political heroes

Hero talk by politicians goes back more than a century, and has ramped up in recent decades. But research shows the public isn't moved by the lofty rhetoric.
montage of trump media coverage

Partisans and pundits have taken the research's numbers out of context. The real story, say researchers, is that the press has unilaterally changed its role while covering the 45th president.
Etching of witch conjouring

History is full of people turning to strong leaders who promise to banish evil. Are terrorists our 21st-century witches?
Fast food court in an abandoned mall

Hyper-dense mall developments in China show a possible way forward for American retail. But not without strings attached.
noncompete agreement

States take a range of approaches to rolling back what some call unfair restrictions on workers.
Corporate crisis

From weaponized tweets to political controversies, more organizations are stepping in it.
Illustration of Donald Trump

Every day, it's resisters to the left and bad headlines to the right. So why is it likely Trump will still be re-elected?
journalist protesters

Some ask if a nonprofit or publicly funded model is the future. But even free money doesn't address declining trust.
Monopoly board and dice

The home run for free agents: Go where you can keep more of your money.